Passing the Apron at Aquinnah Shop

You won’t find beef tripe on the menu at the Aquinnah Shop Restaurant. It’s made from part of a cow’s stomach, which may be slightly less appealing to Island visitors than fresh seafood caught offshore. But Jacob Vanderhoop, head chef at the restaurant, knows how to cook tripe. He learned this and other exotic cooking techniques at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Cambridge this past winter. He recalled trying the dish. “It was,” he began and paused, “different.”... Full article >>

Cultural outpost

Napoleon Madison built the Aquinnah Shop – the first food shop on the cliffs – in 1945. The tribe’s medicine man was married to Nanetta Vanderhoop, whose family owned the land atop the cliffs. Asked what things were like when she first got involved in the shop, niece Anne Vanderhoop Madison says, “I was mouthy then, because I was young. I would tell Uncle Poli what he should do.” Anne thought there should... Full article >>

Scene: Aquinnah Shop Restaurant

The Aquinnah Shop Restaurant atop the Gay Head Cliffs is a morning ritual for many early risers. What it lacks for convenience, it makes up for with spectacular vistas. The scent of blueberry pancakes, or the homemade fishcakes, adds to the sensory seductiveness. A metal spoon jingles in every hot coffee that is served, always in a glass cup. There is no restaurant that has a better view,” says Carolyn DelGuercio of Easton and Edgartown,looking... Full article >>

Aquinnah Shop Restaurant

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in-season on the Gay Head Cliffs at the Aquinnah Shop Restaurant. The restaurant’s claim to fame is the terrific views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Elizabeth Islands, seen from both inside and outside seating.

Jacob Vanderhoop has been cooking at his family’s restaurant since he was 12 and in 2012 he took over as head chef.   Trained at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Cambridge, his menu boasts plenty of seafood even for breakfast, such as Fishcakes & Eggs; and the Tomahawk Special:... Full article >>

Off the Menu: Aquinnah Shop Restaurant on the Cliffs Martha’s Vineyard

Located atop the picturesque Gay Head Cliffs in Aquinnah with a view that won’t let you forget where you are, the Aquinnah Shop is one of the island’s oldest restaurants, is family-owned and operated and features an authentic American, Native American, and seafood-filled menu, including a Salad & Raw Seafood Bar.
This week, TW dug into the Shop’s Lobster Crab Salad, a tower of layered deliciousness. Order up this $19 dish and you’ll enjoy juicy pieces of fresh lobster and crab, avocados, tomatoes, and red onions,... Full article >>

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